You, as a user, are entitled to request accommodations if there is an area of the site which is difficult or not possible for you to access; while we have attempted to anticipate many basic accessibility needs, we’re aware there may be continuing issues. To the best of our abilities, we will accommodate your needs, although some users may have conflicting needs which we will have to balance. Accessibility is very important to us and it matters: your needs as a user matter. No issue is ‘trivial’ if it is affecting you.

We commit to appropriately alt-tagging all images, transcribing video  and audio content, and avoiding the use of inaccessible multimedia such as infographics and animations.

You are not expected to disclose or discuss the nature of your disability with us in order to receive accommodations: accommodation is a universal human right that should be available without such restrictions.

Disability, through an intersectional lens