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Anna Hamilton

Anna Hamilton is a writer, blogger and social media whiz who has contributed articles, cartoons, and more to publications such as xoJane, Bitch Magazine, Ladyish, The Toast, and Global Comment. She and her partner live in California's Bay Area. You can contact her by visiting her website at, or email her at hamdotblog[at]

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s.e. smith

s.e. smith is a writer, agitator, and commentator based in Northern California, with a journalistic focus on social issues, particularly gender, prison reform, disability rights, environmental justice, queerness, class, and the intersections thereof, with a special interest in rural subjects. smith delights in amplifying the voices of those who are often silenced and challenging dominant ideas about justice, equality, and liberation. International publication credits include work for the Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, and AlterNet, among many other news outlets and magazines. Riling people up while also informing them about ongoing issues in the world around them is a favorite activity, along with taking any and all opportunities to discuss pop culture. Assisted by cats Loki and Leila and a flock of roaming chickens, smith lives in Fort Bragg, California. Keep up with s.e. smith at: and @sesmithwrites.

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Brendan McHugh

Brendan McHugh is a queer disabled writer-activist living in San Francisco, CA. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Women and Gender Studies at San Francisco State University, and has written on the history of AIDS/HIV activism, race, mental illness, and feminist politics. He worked with The Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Historical Society’s public programming committee for three years and has interned with The Freedom Archives. His current research focuses on the history of the gay men’s interracial organization Black and White Men Together and its contribution to AIDS/HIV activism on a transnational level.

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Alice Hewitt

Alice Hewitt is a 17 year old English blogger and activist. She is autistic and queer and as such takes a large interest in social issues regarding these groups, while also looking at other issues that intersect with these. Alice is particularly interested in looking at (anti)capitalism, media representation, (anti)eugenics and education. This is Alice's first foray into professional writing, in which she hopes to continue for many years in order to both educate other people and be educated herself in the lives and issues of oppressed groups.

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The Editors

The Editors of Disability Intersections.

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Philippa Willitts

Philippa Willitts is a freelance writer and campaigner. She has a particular focus on disability and women’s issues, including the language of disability and stigma, and victim-blaming and consent. She believes passionately in the importance of recognising the intersections of privilege and oppression in her own life and applying these to a wider discourse of understanding the world. She has written for the Guardian, Independent, New Statesman and Channel 4 News websites, amongst others, and she is on the blogging collective of The F-Word feminist website. She lives in the north of England and can be found online at and on Twitter @PhilippaWrites

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Lydia Brown

Lydia Brown is a multiply-marginalized disabled activist who focuses on a number of issues related to violence against disabled people. She blogs at Autistic Hoya.

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Alice Wong

By day, I'm a Staff Research Associate at the Community Living Policy Center at the UCSF. I'm also a Presidential appointee to the National Council on Disability, an independent federal agency charged with advising the President, Congress, and other federal agencies regarding policies and programs that affect people with disabilities. Follow me at @SFdirewolf

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Cassie Q.

Cassie Q. is a 22-year-old Brazilian with spinal muscular atrophy and degrees in physics and psychology. She has been expressing herself through comics since 2015.

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Sam de Leve

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Claire Fitzpatrick

Claire Fitzpatrick is a journalist, author, editor, and poet. Her articles "Why Do People Like Horror Movies?," "Dark Fantasy V Horror: Why Are Their Differences Important? And Which Genre Should You Introduce To Your Children First?" and Body Horror And The Horror Aesthetic'"were all nominated for the 2016 Aurealis Convenors Awards For Excellence. Her short story "Madeline" was included within Dead Of Night: Best Of Midnight Echo, which won the 2016 Australian Shadows Awards for Best Edited Work. She lives in Brisbane, Australia.

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Eliana Stanislawski

Eliana Stanislawski is a queer, chronically ill writer and organizer focusing on reproductive justice, displacement and migration, youth activism, and social justice movements. Her work has appeared in The Huffington Post, The F Bomb, and Worcester Magazine. Follow her on Twitter @eliana_stinky, and visit her blog at

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