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Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams‘ reprinted with permission from comic artist Cassie Q., a disabled artist from Brazil.

A comic in two panels, the first showing a woman surrounded by clouds, the second showing her covered in flowers with a man smiling at her.

Description: A comic in two frames.

  1. A woman with her body scratched out in a series of jagged lines, only her face visible, captioned ‘Wildest Dreams.’
  2. The same woman, this time covered in bright, colourful flowers, blushing as a boy smiles at her. Cassie’s signature is visible in the corner.

Drawing Out Whiteness and Disability: Introductory remarks and part 1

Accessibility note: The image descriptions for this series, since they are very long, can be found under the image .jpgs in each installment, rather than in the alt-text field. 

Introductory remarks: I completed the following multi-part, miniature graphic work on whiteness, white privilege and physical (dis)ability in 2010 as part of a final assignment for an anthropology class on the construction of race and ethnicity–and, old as it is, I’ve decided to share the entire work on Disability Intersections for what I hope are fairly obvious reasons. I’m not a professional artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I believe very strongly in both the accessibility of graphic work as a tool for anti-oppression work, and how graphic work can allow certain things to be conveyed that cannot always be conveyed in writing–particularly academic writing.

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